• About us

    Shade Fashions is a professional garment buying house strategically headquartered at Bangalore, the apparel capital of India.

    Established in June 1999, with one customer and three staff, today, the company sources for well known brands across the Globe and have a team of 46 young and dedicated professionals with a branch in Tirupur and operations in Delhi.

    Our Managing Director, Mr. Raghu Varma, who is a post graduate in Commerce and graduate in Foreign Trade, started his career in Garment industry 37 years ago. In 1985, he left for Bangkok heading Siam Group of Companies who had over 2000 machines manufacturing facility in Bangkok and Bangladesh. He has revived loss making factories in Bangladesh and Dubai to a profit making ones by automating the factory and motivating the workers and staff hence being very competitive in pricing. By this time he was one of the most seeked after garment professional and was invited to India to set up manufacturing facilities by well-known companies.

    He was one of the key players in bringing La Perla of Italy and Lacoste to India. In October 1994, he came back to India to set up a sourcing office for one of the leading trading company based in Hong Kong. He has successfully made the network in India, based in Bangalore and sourced for Bhs, Mother Care and Little woods. In 1999, with all the rich experience behind him, set up Shade Fashion.

    Backed by a team of senior professional managers, buyers are guaranteed proper follow up of even smallest detail. A total commitment to our job, uncompromising service to our customers, meticulous planning and abilities to anticipate bottlenecks and taking steps to arrest the same,understanding needs and requirements of buyers and sellers and day to day follow-ups has made us grow faster and establish an excellent relationships between our customers and manufacturers.

  • Services

    Product development and merchandising

    Our merchandising team is always on the lookout for new fabrics, designs by attending fairs and by visits to mills, processing houses to update our customers design department with latest inputs well in advance to help them make an attractive range. We also shop abroad for the latest in fashions and designs.

    Planning, production & Logistics

    We plan every style with each factory in detail to achieve the delivery dates and with a daily monitoring ensure that proper corrective action is taken in case it slips from the schedule. A weekly detailed report is sent to our customers to keep them posted regarding the WIP of all the styles.

    Quality Control

    Our Q.A team follows an AQL of 1.5 & 2.5 depending on the complicity of styles. The salesmen sample as well as bulk fabrics are tested for following:

    1. Fiber identification / composition
    2. Dimensional stability to washing
    3. Color fastness to washing
    4. Color fastness to Crocking
    5. Color fastness to Perspiration
    6. Color fastness to Light
    7. Pilling Resistance
    8. Seam Slippage / Strength
    9. Counts of Yarn
    10. Tearing Strength
    11. Threads per Inch


    1. Study the style thoroughly and identify critical areas
    2. Check the patterns
    3. Proto samples are made and checked as per pattern to fix specs and shrinkage
    4. Size sets in all sizes are made and checked before and after wash
    5. Pre-production meeting conducted at the production factory with their staff with the size sets and the same are sealed.
    6. Pilot run are checked operation wise.
    7. One Q.C is posted and continuous on-line check is done and the reports are studied by Q.C Manager daily and discussed in the management appraisal meeting conducted on every Monday.
    8. Final inspection after completion of total packing.
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    Some of the brands we source for are :

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    Shade Fashions Pvt Ltd.

    No 359/49 Maruthi Tent Road,

    Muthuraya Swamy Extension, Sunkadakatte

    Bangalore - 560091

    Ph: - +91 80 23513410, 23513412 23410179, 23410279

    Fax: - +91 80 23513408

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